Stradivari, meet Elvari...

29 900 SEK
(= 3 574 USD December 2017)

Made to order

Elvari Wireless Violins

An investment

Handcrafted from spruce, maple and ebony by Sten Styrélius in Stockholm. There is a label in the scroll with signature, year and number for each instrument. The design is based on Stradivarius 1713 and we use an uncolored varnish that will darken over time.

Wireless freedom

True plug and play. Better sound than cable. Wireless freedom has never been easier or better. Like us on Facebook to stay updated.


Plug in & be heard

Forget all about feedback, unwanted noise, and attaching mic/cable to a fragile acoustic instrument.

Private practise

Play without disturbing anyone with professional playability. You can use your own shoulder- and chin rest.

Light weight

The most light weight electric violin available. At only 500 grams, it feels just like an acoustic violin.

Acoustic sound

The tone board, made from Alpine Tone Wood, is the secret of the responsive and acoustic sound.

Electric sound

With feedback out of the equation you are free to explore the world of effect pedals and other music gear.


More robust and not as sensitive for changes in climate and humidity as an acoustic violin.


The violinist

Elvari started out as a master project at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Jens Elfving wanted to find a reliable way to amplify violin with an acoustic sound, without the risk of feedback. He developed a new type of electric violin and presented it to the Academy with a perfect score in 2012. The prototype were later sold to Aalborg University.

The violin maker

In 2013 Jens contacted violin maker Sten Styrélius in Stockholm. Sten presented his own electric violin with an unique pickup system, developed in cooperation with a jazz violinist in 1996-1997. The two concepts complemented each other perfectly, and so they decided to unite them in a brand new design. After several prototypes and countless revisions, their design were finally ready to meet Stradivari and the rest of the world...

Acoustic Innovation

Alpine Tone Wood

If you only amplify the sound of the bridge, as most pickups and other electric violins do, you get a signal that lacks the character of an acoustic violin. A preamp and a heavy 9V battery close to the microphone is then needed to make the signal better, but the sound of a bridge is still far from as brilliant as the sound of a real violin. The bridge needs to work in interaction with the top plate of the violin.

On an acoustic violin the frequencies are sent down to a top plate made from spruce. The top plate amplifies the frequencies together with the other parts of the violin body and sets the air in movement. An Elvari works in a similar fashion - the frequencies of the bridge are sent down to, and interacts with, a tone board made from fine alpine spruce wood. In the tone board, the microphone system picks up the frequencies and sends them off to the amplifier.

vSound 2 - Digital Violin Pedal

If you want that real expensive sound without spending millions of dollars, we recommend
vSound 2 by prof. Patrick Gaydecki, University of Manchester. It is a revolutionary pedal that modifies the sound, so that it matches the timbre of a high quality acoustic violin of your choosing. 10 digital violins are available on purchase, two of which are real Stradivarius violins. Elvari KB is the world wide distributor of vSound 2. Click here to order vSound 2.


Why not acoustic violin + pickup?

The violin is a perfect acoustic design - not a perfect electric design. Attaching a pickup can turn any violin into a mediocre electro-acoustic with constant risk of feedback and unwanted noises. Many violinists are also hesitant to attach mics and cables to their fragile acoustic instruments.

Is Elvari wireless only?

No, you can also use a regular instrument cable.

Passive or active electronics?

The Elvari is passive - a wireless violin has to be passive. Active violins can interfere with the active electronics in the wireless transmitter and needs heavy 9V batteries that you have to replace before every concert.

Where can I try it?

In Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Other cities are also possible. Use the form below to contact us.

Delivery time?

Around 6 months. Expected delivery time will be specified on your invoice.

Shipping cost?

Shipping is free, world wide.

How do I order?

Click here to get to the order page. Fill in the form and we will send you a personal invoice.

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